A subjective comparison Democracy and Autocracy. In which state do you want to live?

 09. Mai 2022 Democracy (examples) Autocracy (example: Russia)
Types Two: Indirect and direct Democracies. Authoritarianism, Dictatorship, Oligarchism, Despotism, Fascism, Militarism. See also Michel Onfray`s book « Theorie de la dictature » ( in french ).
Politics  Engaged, men and women, discussions, debates, argument, presidents are temporary. Opposition. For the common good of the people. Free Universities. Free Institutions like a free court, free languages. Freedom of speech, free media, no excessive power to any one, express solidarity, empathy, diversity, many voices. Old man, bad guys, inthroned men, until they die or are killed. Its about himself. No discussions. Opposition, political pluralism does not exist. Every facet of a remaining culture is intertwined with the old man and his close buddies. Pure Power of a corrupt State. Ja vne politiki. More and more Russians, Ukrainians and Georgians fighting for political change.
The Law Per definition nothing and nobody stands above the law. Rule of law. Humanitarian law. Law of Nations. Human Rights. Constitution. Values.  The above old man stands above the law, is the law, change and bend the law. He rules. Ever seen a bad woman?
Ideas Visions, political concepts, Civil-Society, Free Speech.
None. Fog. Nothing. Therefore we all need to build ideas for a future.
Government Parliament, Chambers, federalism, subsidiarity, republicanism balance of power, checks and balances. It serves the people (by definitions). Personally I am not a fan of dominant governments, economically speaking.   Power is absolute, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lord Acton. Intimidation. Surveillance of voice, face and words. There is a tendency in democracies towards power, dogmatism, being right, selfishness and autocracy too. Lets not kid ourselves.
Speed In most cases slow. Long discussions.  Fast at times, especially for military actions, technical projects like flying to the moon. Can build hospitals in a day and the West is still talking about masques. (April 2020).
Truth Acceptances that there are different truths. Competing ideas. Competition of solutions. All depends how « truth » is defined. The free and diverse Press plays a key role here to inform the population. Or take it with Kant and your parents: Never lie! The truth is what the old man says. One Narrative. He is the Myth, the legend for his country, how it once was, or just a history that never existed. The press and independent institutions are a threat. Closed system. Monopoly on the truth and Narrative. Propaganda. Lies are the main purpose of the state. In fact everybody must lie. in fact the truth is a lie. Everything is distored, even language (Artur Klinau).The truth and history cease to exist. Therefore we, those, who can speak the truth need to have the courage to say so.
Fear Angst Yes of course. No wonder in these current times. People can talk about it. Total, but only the most courageous speak up with risk of Gulags, prisons or assassination. But as Lisa Batiashvili said: Fear is not the right advisor.
Indigenous people  I usually check how nations treat indigenous people.  Not all good. But getting better. Because can realize they got something to say about lots of things.  Whats that? 
Engagement and Responsibility Responsibility is the other side of the coin that carries freedom. It is all peoples` responsibility to fight for freedom and democracy. That sustainability is not anchored in a written constitution. Responsibility includes not to throw away a cigarette stub. Total emergence needed.
Freedom Right of secession. Right of movement.  Right to speak up, to think, to say, respect, indirect freedom. Freedom of the press. How many newspapers do you see being sold? It is absolute of you want.
Have a look at the Freedom Index.
When I think of Russia there is no freedom for the Russians. A diktator always destroys freedom based on Michel Onfray`s book  « Théorie de la dictature ».
Humanity The power of being human, the power of aesthetics, of art, literature, solidarity, emotions, beyond the logic, the fact based argument. The feelings and emotions. Educations. Free access. Open books. Individuality. Sense of community. The philosophers and the technologists. Gothic metal, hard rock and Beethoven.  Spread of hate. But humanity continues to exist with a few in the underground. It will survive and surface again. We all need to help. Have a look a this, how you can help.
Economy and Sustainability Market based. Too much state involvement, must say. The pillar is independent and free entrepreneurs, Unternehmer. Mix of freedom, ownership, responsibility and lots of the above. but note: Markets and Business alone are not enough to create a free society. A tissue of a free society needs to be woven over time. A tissue that the state cannot guarantee. State dominated, planning, socialistic ownership, extraction and export of mother earth`s produce (oil, gas, coal, gold, iron, etc.). Companies purpose is to fund the above evil men`s projects. 
Heros All. Mams, strong voices, miners, deep see divers, workers, parents, Crazy Horse, may be Batman, etc. Stalin for the old man. All those who speak up facing prison and death are heroes.